30 days of Kickstarter

30 days of Kickstarter

Hey, it’s Michael!

30 days ago we launched a kickstarter campaign. in the hopes of raising $9500. After a crazy, amazing whirlwind of a month the campaign clock ended today at 12:18am and we raised a whopping $9965! We surpassed our target with 104% and an average pledge of $73.27!!!

So now what? 1st we wait for Kickstarter to approve all of the pledges which will take 14 days. Then we start prepping and sending out the rewards.

I can’t begin to comprehend the amount of people that I need to thank for pledging, being supportive and just being awesome.   But I have to give a huge thanks to my brother in hustle, Ryan Lalonde.

Now I guess we have to go make a movie!



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