Every famous musician started somewhere.  This is a story about somewhere.

The Radius Project was born out of a simple question: “So which famous people would I know from your hometown?” The hometown in question was Peterborough, Ontario and the answer was endless. Directed by music photographer & director Michael Hurcomb and produced by Mexican Cheesus; the team behind the hit web music video series “Bandwagon” and documentaries / videos for artists like Warner Bros. Ladies of the Canyon, The Radius Project looks at the wealth of musicians that came from the radius around a small town and went on to national and international acclaim. A short list of people that grew up or relocated to the area are Serena Ryder, Thousand Foot Crutch, Royal Wood, The Strumbellas, Cross Dog, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, My Darkest Days, I Mother Earth, Ronnie Hawkins, Jason Parsons, producers Greg and Rob Wells, The Lonely Parade and many more.

The narrative will feature one on one interviews with some of these artists talking about their experiences here, a look into how a small city and the surrounding towns created so many acclaimed artists, interviews with outsiders looking at what makes a music scene work, a history of the music scene, interviews with some local legends, and a look at the future.

The Radius Project premieres in February 2018

Production team:

Director & Producer:Michael Hurcomb

Producer and Audio Engineer: Ryan Lalonde



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