Launching The Radius Project

Here it is, the brand new site for The Radius Project!!!    We’d planned to house the documentary and blogs at and use his social media and the Mexican Cheesus pages to promote the doc but decided to give it it’s own unique online home and brand.  LINKS:    Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

We’ve also just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign that we’d LOVE you to check out!    Since this is an independent production your support and spreading the word about The Radius Project is our lifeblood!   We have some great rewards including some limited edition guitar pedals that we designed with Tribute Audio and some prints showcasing the local music scene that the Radius Project is about.

Keep checking back for production news,  photos, videos and more!

January Update


(Photo: Screen capture from an interview with Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace)

Last month I announced that I’m in working on a music documentary “The Radius Project”.   I’ve been working on the doc for some time and made the decision to post about it to officially tell people….and that post blew up!   It got picked up by the media, had lots of social media likes and shares, my email inbox filled up… totally an amazing response!

Since then, I’ve received a lot of great feedback from friends, industry folks and musicians, so much so that it offset my original plans — but in a good way (great crowdfunding tips, kickoff dates, etc.).     I’m also in the midst of shooting & editing a big commercial photo/video project that was moved from December to January so I wanted to delay the crowdfunding kickoff until my slate was clean.  And I thought I’d let you recover from your holiday spending trauma.

Here’s what I can tell you:

-my production team are working on booking more and more people for the interviews

-I can’t tell you who all of the participants will be because surprises are fun, right?   You wouldn’t want people tell you Darth is Luke’s Father before you saw the movie.  (Spoiler alert… sorry about that.)

-In some of the press they listed the participants as the musicians I’d rattled off to a friend as being from Peterborough (in the original post).   Getting all of those people to participate is a goal and we’re getting there.

-I’m working on some cool merch that’ll be included with certain levels of crowdfunding (like things I’ve never seen in a campaign before)

Thanks again for all the love!   Awesome things are awesome!!


Announcing…..The Radius Project

radius logo

“So who’s from Peterborough that I would have heard of?”

This was asked of me while driving back from the Bonnaroo Music Festival a few years ago.  My traveling companion was from Toronto, hadn’t been to Peterborough and wanted to know of any famous people that had come from my hometown.  I began naming musicians, actors, writers, athletes that had been born in or moved to Peterborough, Ontario and had gone on to national or international acclaim.  Serena Ryder, Three Days Grace, Ronnie Hawkins, Sebastian Bach, Greg & Rob Wells,  I Mother Earth, Thousand Foot Krutch, Royal Wood, the Leahy Family, Neil Young….I went on and on. I didn’t think anything of it; they were just people from my hometown.  Her:  “No {expletive} way!   All of those people came from Peterborough?!?  You need to tell people about this!” The response told me there was definitely a story here.


I started making lists of the hometown people I knew about, googling others and talking to friends about my concept for a photo essay.  The first ideas were to incorporate bands, athletes, actors, hometown heroes, people that left and made the “big time.”  But the more I looked into it, the more I realized it was too many people to cover at once.   So I’d start out looking at the musicians who were born in in a radius around Peterborough or moved here,  played in the local music scene and went on to national and international acclaim.  Then I’d do subsequent essays on local bands, athletes, etc.
I started to contact my musician friends and they were in right from the start.  It was Jag Tanna from I Mother Earth who convinced me change it from a photo essay to a documentary.  I started to shoot interviews with musicians as their tour schedules and my travel schedules aligned and when I had time between my other photo/video projects.  But 2015 is the year this won’t be a side project anymore.   2015 is the year it will be finished and finally released.


In Spring of 2015 I am launching a Kickstarter for The Radius Project.   I’ve funded it entirely on my own so far and shot it with my Mexican Cheesus Production team.   There’s an amazing story to be told about the millions of albums that were sold by a small number of artists that came from the amazing music scene in a small town in Ontario.  “There is something in the water” has been said in a few interviews and I agree.  If you’re as interested as I am in seeing this story told, please support the making of “The Radius Project” and watch for the Kickstarter launch in the New Year.

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