January Update


(Photo: Screen capture from an interview with Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace)

Last month I announced that I’m in working on a music documentary “The Radius Project”.   I’ve been working on the doc for some time and made the decision to post about it to officially tell people….and that post blew up!   It got picked up by the media, had lots of social media likes and shares, my email inbox filled up… totally an amazing response!

Since then, I’ve received a lot of great feedback from friends, industry folks and musicians, so much so that it offset my original plans — but in a good way (great crowdfunding tips, kickoff dates, etc.).     I’m also in the midst of shooting & editing a big commercial photo/video project that was moved from December to January so I wanted to delay the crowdfunding kickoff until my slate was clean.  And I thought I’d let you recover from your holiday spending trauma.

Here’s what I can tell you:

-my production team are working on booking more and more people for the interviews

-I can’t tell you who all of the participants will be because surprises are fun, right?   You wouldn’t want people tell you Darth is Luke’s Father before you saw the movie.  (Spoiler alert… sorry about that.)

-In some of the press they listed the participants as the musicians I’d rattled off to a friend as being from Peterborough (in the original post).   Getting all of those people to participate is a goal and we’re getting there.

-I’m working on some cool merch that’ll be included with certain levels of crowdfunding (like things I’ve never seen in a campaign before)

Thanks again for all the love!   Awesome things are awesome!!


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