Serena Ryder Interview Outtake and an update on the documentary


We’re still hard at work on the documentary with a heap of interviews wrapped and some more on the way.  An interesting part of this process are the roads you get unexpectedly led down by the people you interview and how that leads to new interviews and topics.   Everyone that we’ve interviewed have been AMAZING with a few exceptionally great interviews.  (Honestly there are 3 or 4 interviews that we could just run unedited and that’d make for a great film).

When we started this process we had a wish list of people to talk to and we’re glad to say we’ve interviewed almost all of them and are still trying to coordinate a few more.  Tour schedules, album cycles and lives in general have really changed up our timelines with some interviews taking 6 to 8 months to lock in.    A few people that we’d planned to interview have been unresponsive (after committing to the doc), disappeared in general or in one case decided that they “didn’t have anything good to say about their home town.”   So in these few cases we’re moving on but the film won’t be affected by their absence.  Like like we said we’ve talked to lots of great people and have more to go.   And we’ve already begun editing all of the interviews and are starting to work on the music that will accompany the film.

We had a January 2016 release goal that we’d picked because it aligned with the deadline for one film festival.   Since a chunk of our interviews got pushed back (band schedules) and the interview process sent us in new directions we can safely say we won’t be releasing in January 2016 but we will be releasing a few months after.    As much as we love hitting deadlines we want to make sure this is done right and that we have the time to add some more amazing people.    We’ve also had some interesting ideas about how to show and promote this film on a unique and wide scale which would bring lots of attention to this area and the music scene.  More on that as it develops.

In the meantime we wanted to show you an outtake video of Serena Ryder (note – we’ve cranked the audio on this so that you can hear Michael’s voice.  The normal interviews will only have the interviewees talking.)   In this outtake Michael tells Serena a story he’d heard about a teenage Serena performing with a cover band in Millbrook, Ontario.


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