What we did on our summer vacation…


With another epic summer in the record books we wanted to give you an update to let you know what we’ve been up to and what lays ahead.

The past few months had us at least 5 music festivals in the US & Canada.  In between his concert photography duties, Michael was gathering footage & B Roll for the Radius Project.  And we had a chance to sit down with a some great musicians for more one on one interviews for the documentary.

The months ahead have us coordinating and shooting more interviews and footage (getting this many musicians scheduled is akin to herding drunk overstimulated cats…but we’re getting there). And just last night we bumped into a few people we’ve been trying to pin down for interviews and got those booked. We’re already looking ahead to next summer with some tentative plans for cool ways to get this documentary shown to the world.

Overall this has been an amazing, challenging, fun, stressful, imaginative, learning, educational, exasperating and wonderful process.  Every interaction opens many new doors and at this point our biggest challenge is having too many people that we want to talk to and that want to talk to us.  Maybe a sequel or trilogy is in order…


Driving back from Bonnaroo
Driving back from Bonnaroo
Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch
Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch

The Radius Campaign 1st week update

We’ve had an amazing response to the launch of our social media pages and Kickstarter campaign.   Last Friday we kicked it all off with zero likes and $0 in the Kickstarter and after only one week we broke the $2,000 mark & are well on our way to our $9,500 goal.   And we’ve had more than 400 people like our Facebook page and over 250 people follow our twitter.  And just this afternoon we received our custom made guitar pedals by Tribute Audio that are available as Kickstarter rewards (but we’re keeping the 1st 3 for ourselves).


Thanks to everyone that has backed us so far and please have a look at the campaign (& share it) if you haven’t had a chance.    Kickstarter only passes the $ on to us when, and only when, we hit 100% of our goal.   Your support will make this documentary a reality!


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Launching The Radius Project

Here it is, the brand new site for The Radius Project!!!    We’d planned to house the documentary and blogs at www.michaelhurcomb.com and use his social media and the Mexican Cheesus pages to promote the doc but decided to give it it’s own unique online home and brand.  LINKS:    Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

We’ve also just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign that we’d LOVE you to check out!    Since this is an independent production your support and spreading the word about The Radius Project is our lifeblood!   We have some great rewards including some limited edition guitar pedals that we designed with Tribute Audio and some prints showcasing the local music scene that the Radius Project is about.

Keep checking back for production news,  photos, videos and more!

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